IT destruction

It is critical that you have your waste IT equipment disposed of appropriately and responsibly. Many businesses rely on digital records rather than paper, and storage devices such as hard drives must be destroyed effectively in order to render the data irretrievable. Additionally, old IT devices like laptops contain harmful materials that can harm the environment and the public. At ER Logistics, we can dispose of your waste IT equipment during your move. This means you can rest assured that all sensitive data is destroyed and that devices with harmful elements won’t end up in landfills.

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What IT equipment can we destroy?

Our team can destroy a huge range of IT and electrical products. This includes regular computers, as well as peripheral devices like speakers and keyboards, as well as large office appliances like photocopiers. We ensure that they are broken down and each material or component is recycled as efficiently as possible. We deal with every category of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, ensuring that any item you could possibly need to remove from your office is thoroughly and sustainably destroyed.

Data destruction

If you are looking to dispose of devices that store sensitive information, then you will need that data to be properly destroyed. Hard drives, memory sticks, and even printers and photocopiers will all need to be effectively wiped. This will need to be undertaken by a professional so you can be certain it has been done correctly. Rendering this data irretrievable is essential to the safety of your business and will ensure you are compliant with data legislation like GDPR. We undertake data destruction using two methods: degaussing which wipes the drive and allows it to be recycled, and shredding which completely destroys the physical device.

IT recycling

We show our commitment to protecting the environment by recycling IT equipment that is no longer needed by our clients. If IT waste ends up in landfills, then harmful elements like cadmium and lead can pollute the surrounding environment and cause harm to wildlife and people. We responsibly remove hazardous materials and ensure that they are recycled or safely disposed of. Additionally, our team can repurpose old items, such as turning old laptop screens into monitors which saves those raw materials from being thrown away. We also remove precious metals like gold and palladium which can be recycled and used in new devices.

IT upcycling

As an alternative to permanently destroying or recycling IT equipment, we can upcycle items to ensure that they have a second lease of life. All data will be destroyed and then the items will be repurposed and set up for other users. This prevents old equipment from becoming waste and potentially having a negative impact on the environment.

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