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Sustainable office removals in London

Here at ER Logistics, we are experts when it comes to facilitating office removals in London and throughout the UK. Since we started in 2003, we have built an established reputation and gained a wealth of experience that we call upon during every project. Our talented network features specialists from a range of industries, meaning we can easily arrange for someone to come and contribute to your office relocation, no matter what needs to be done. Our team is passionate about what they do, taking pride in the outstanding office moving services that they provide. We offer exceptional commercial services and do plenty of charitable work, alongside the many other excellent services that we provide.

Office relocation in London

Over the years, our office moving process has developed into the seamless service that we provide today. We have seen everything that there is to see during more than two decades in the industry, enabling us to adapt under any circumstances to find an effective solution. Our office moving services are highly efficient and beneficial for anyone preparing to transition into a new workspace. When it comes to office relocation in London, we have you covered.

Explore our office removal services

We offer a range of services to cover every aspect of the office moves that we make happen. From transporting items securely to installing furniture or IT equipment, we deliver high-quality services that will benefit you and support all your requirements.

In-house porters

Our in-house porters can help you in any way necessary, whether you need them to oversee internal moves or install furniture. They are adaptable and hard-working, taking instructions on board to deliver exactly what you need.

Crate hire and packing materials

The crates and packing materials that we have available are perfect for anyone boxing up items in preparation for an office relocation. Our sturdy crates can be crafted specifically for your belongings, ensuring that they fit properly and will be thoroughly protected.

Furniture installation

We can install furniture in any commercial setting, carefully considering the layout to ensure that it complements the existing décor. Our team has worked with all kinds of furniture over the years, so you can trust them to determine the most effective installation solution.

Office clearance

If your office is cluttered with unwanted items, don’t hesitate to contact ER Logistics. Our specialist team will visit your workspace and get rid of anything that you no longer need in a responsible manner, leaving you to make the most of the freed-up space.

Office fit out

The office fit outs that we complete are of the highest quality. If you need an office space prepared for business, look no further than ER Logistics. Our team will carry out a service that leaves your workspace with all the essential office furniture and looks outstanding.


We can ensure that your office move runs smoothly. One of our project managers can take control of overseeing the process, making sure that everything is organised and every deadline is met. Our deliverables service will make things straightforward for you.

Transportation services

Do you need to transport something that you don’t have the capacity to relocate? Our transportation services make moving any item or equipment possible, no matter where you want them to be delivered in the UK.

IT moves and changes

We specialise in transporting IT equipment from A to B and installing it at a new premises. Equally, if you need the IT equipment at your current office changed then we can do that efficiently. Having installed IT equipment at many offices during more than two decades in the industry, we know how to set things up perfectly for your employees to thrive.

Business storage

If you need to temporarily store anything so that you can return to it later, perhaps while you wait to move into a new office, then our business storage units are the ideal solution. We will hold onto your items in our secure units for however long you need, whether that be overnight or for years.


Our archiving facilities are perfect for storing and organising your materials. We can manage all your items to ensure that they are monitored closely and archived effectively. You can benefit from our archiving service for however long you need, whether that be short-term or long-term.

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Call us on 0208 665 0660, email us at, or fill out our contact form to learn more about ER Logistics and the services we offer.


Small office removals in London

If you are concerned that your office will be too small for us to operate within, do not worry. No matter how big or small your workspace is, we have the necessary skillset to complete the job in an efficient manner. We thrive by adapting to different requirements, working hard to ensure that every project we carry out lives up to the high standards we set for ourselves, regardless of any difficulties we encounter during the process.

Recycling and upcycling services in London

The recycling and upcycling services that we offer ensure that none of your unwanted office furniture goes to waste in a landfill. We do everything we can to upcycle any chairs or meeting tables to be reused, and if we are unable to do that then we will recycle all the materials instead. You can count on the fact that anything we end up acquiring from your office will be disposed of in a responsible manner.

What sets us apart from other office removal companies in London?

While you may be considering a few business moving companies to oversee everything while you are moving office, it is unlikely that any are as versatile or established as ER Logistics. If you need an office move completed efficiently and professionally, then we are the ideal commercial movers for the job. When you choose us, you can rest assured that we will tailor one of our corporate office moves to your requirements and exceed expectations. Regardless of where in the United Kingdom you are based, we have the ability to carry out the high-quality business relocation you deserve. We have shown our credentials during office moves all over the country, from London to Scotland.


We take our corporate social responsibilities very seriously. Our team regularly arrange for used office equipment to be sent to our affiliated businesses in West Africa, contributing to the development of the area. Plus, we often make donations to several charities.

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We provide a host of office removals services in London and throughout the UK that can make things easier for you. If you would like to benefit from one of our many excellent services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call on 0208 665 0660 or email and one of our experts will get back to you soon.


Our prospective clients often ask questions about the services that we offer. We have answered some of these on our FAQs page, so you can get a better idea of what we are like to work with.