Data destruction

When clearing your office of old IT equipment, it is critical that the hardware is wiped of old data. At ER Logistics, we complete comprehensive data destruction for our clients to ensure that all data is irretrievable. This means that confidential or sensitive information remains private. Protecting personal data is a legal obligation so it is critical that it is thoroughly destroyed when disposing of old storage hardware. Our team at ER Logistics can offer data destruction as part of a comprehensive clearance service. We are happy to undertake this as part of a larger project to clear out your office, remove unwanted IT equipment, and recycle any appropriate components.

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What data destruction methods
do we use?

We utilise two main methods of destroying data. These are both comprehensive destruction methods that have their own advantages. At ER Logistics, we only use the best equipment and reputable technicians to ensure all your data is destroyed and rendered irretrievable.


Our high-tech equipment ensures that you’ll won’t have to worry about any data remaining on your old storage devices. Any storage media that is run through our shredder will be completely destroyed, and all data is irretrievable. Some sources online will suggest using a hammer or drill yourself, but this will not be enough to destroy the data fully. Shredding is the best way to destroy all data and give you peace of mind.


Degaussing is a process that removes magnetism from storage devices. This wipes all data from the hardware and renders it permanently unable to store or retrieve data. Degaussing is limited to magnetic storage media such as hard drives, backup tapes, and floppy disks, but does allow for the device to be recycled afterwards. It is a more sophisticated and environmentally sound method of data destruction.

Why should you destroy data professionally?

Protect your business’s data and remain compliant with GDPR rules surrounding data removal and deletion. While the loss of data from a hard drive is something that many dread, doing it deliberately can be a highly practical measure. Deleting files using your computer’s software, such as moving a document to the recycling bin, is not enough. If someone can retrieve the drive after it has been thrown away, they can retrieve files that you think might have been deleted. It is even possible to take data from a damaged hard drive. While there are myths that drilling in certain places, or scratching the disk will make the data irretrievable, these are unfortunately not true. The best way to be certain the data is gone for good is to have it destroyed by a professional. This ensures that your sensitive data cannot fall into the wrong hands after you’ve disposed of your old IT equipment.

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