Recycling and upcycling

At ER Logistics we are committed to minimising waste when we undertake our office moving services. Along with our office clearance services we also take on any unwanted items and ensure they are properly disposed of. We offer a comprehensive range of recycling and upcycling services to ensure that all your waste items are handled responsibly and, where possible, have a second life. This ranges from restoring furniture to removing dangerous elements from electronics or destroying data on old hard drives. We make sure every item in our care is processed as efficiently as possible. Our team has decades of industry experience to draw on.

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recycling and upcycling

From complicated electronic equipment to simple wooden desks, our team can ensure that everything is removed and handled responsibly. We refurbish, repurpose, and recycle, ensuring items and materials can find continued use elsewhere and any hazardous elements are disposed of responsibly.

Furniture upcycling

We restore old furniture through our upcycling services. Our team delivers effective repairs to ensure that old office chairs and desks can have a new lease of life. We also reupholster and repaint items so they can be brought in line with your brand identity. This keeps old office furniture from ending up in landfill sites.

IT re-use and recycling

An office move can be a good opportunity to upgrade your IT system, but that means getting rid of the old hardware. ER Logistics recycle IT items that are no longer needed following an upgrade. This includes refurbishing them for re-use elsewhere, or responsible recycling of their basic elements and components.

IT asset audit

Before your move, we will happily complete a full asset audit of your IT system to ensure that everything is properly accounted for. This helps keep track of everything during the move and makes it easier to find the proper place for these assets when moving into your new premises.

WEEE waste

Our team can remove all Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment from your site and responsibly dispose of it. We break down this equipment and recycle the components. This includes safely removing and disposing of hazardous materials like lead to ensure they cannot pollute the environment or cause harm to the public.

Data destruction

When disposing of old IT equipment, destroying the data that remains on any hard drives or other storage devices is essential. This ensures that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands and keeps you compliant with GDPR legislation. It is an essential measure to protect your company’s security and confidentiality.

IT destruction

IT waste is one of the fastest growing categories of waste in the UK. It is imperative that it is destroyed correctly in order to preserve materials for recycling and ensure that hazardous elements are properly disposed of. We offer a specialist service to destroy your IT waste efficiently and responsibly.

Making the most of your old office equipment

An office move can be a great opportunity to take stock and decide what you really need for your business, letting you upgrade your furniture and equipment. But this can also create a lot of waste. With ER Logistics, you can trust us to not only take care of your office move and remove unwanted items, but also to re-use and recycle them. Through refurbishment and responsible disposal practices we can ensure that your unwanted office supplies don’t end up in landfill. Our team is highly experienced at efficiently recycling all manner of different items. From desk chairs to monitor glass and even hazardous elements like lead and cadmium, we take care of it all.

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