In-house porters

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We can provide in-house porters to help with the smooth running of your workspace. Our in-house porters can assist with the day-to-day running of a building, assisting your facilities manager in any way that is required. This can include overseeing internal moves, moving furniture, or managing the set-up of IT equipment. If we have recently completed an office move for you and you need someone to provide a helping hand, our team members will have a full understanding of your premises and will be able to support you on an ongoing basis. Even if our staff have no prior knowledge of your office space, their adaptability and expertise will allow them to seamlessly integrate themselves into your working environment.

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A fully tailored service

The aim of the in-house porters that we provide will be to make your daily life easier. Our specialist team will quickly gain an understanding of what is needed, ensuring that the service you receive is entirely tailored to your requirements. We have the necessary experience to provide a suitable staff member for your team, making sure that they are the ideal fit for your business premises. Our in-house porters also have the leadership skills to manage the logistics at your office if you want them to. Take a look at some of reasons why an in-house porter can benefit your organisation:


Our in-house porters are extremely organised. Once you have briefed them about your requirements, they can be relied on to work out the best approach and complete the job efficiently.


The professionalism of our team ensures they’ll fit alongside your existing staff and will get to work as if they have been there for years. Our in-house porters are known for their enthusiasm and expertise.


Our team have worked in a wide variety of commercial settings. This gives them the versatility to fit within your working environment. No matter the job that needs doing, they will remain eager to impress.


Our porters can find effective solutions to any requirement. You can rely on our team to adapt to any difficult circumstances that may arise, addressing these efficiently and effectively.

What other services can we offer?

As well as placing an in-house porter within your team, we can provide logistical support through our wide-ranging office move services. These cover every aspect of the removals process, ensuring that you’ll always be able to make effective use of our team’s expertise. Some of the services that complement the skills of our porters include:

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Our in-house porters enjoy working in new environments and will deliver services you can be completely confident in. No matter where you are based in the UK, you can benefit from their expert assistance. Call 0208 665 0660 or email to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.