Furniture upcycling

The sheer volume of useable furniture that is thrown away can be astonishing. At ER Logistics, we are committed to giving old furniture a second life. Our team have the skills, materials, and tools to restore a range of furniture items to ensure they can be used again. This serves a practical purpose as it allows us to offer upcycled and repaired furniture to our clients, but also minimises the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of following an office move. You can rest assured that when you choose ER Logistics to clear your site, plenty of furniture will find a second home rather than ending up in a landfill. We are committed to upcycling and restoring rather than simply throwing away.

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Restoring furniture

When office furniture is used every day for years, it is only natural that it picks up some wear and tear. However, few companies keep on top of maintaining or repairing this furniture, and many businesses find that to do so in-house would be impractical. When our team encounters office furniture that is worn or damaged, we can breathe new life into it. Using professional restoration and upcycling skills we repair and rejuvenate items like tables and desks to ensure they can continue to be used. We leave old items looking like new. Our team can also repair more complex items like office chairs to ensure they retain their functionality and deliver effective lumbar support.

Repainting furniture

Many businesses have ‘company colours’, a pre-arranged colour scheme that is visible throughout the business. If you are looking for upcycled furniture, we are happy to repaint and reupholster furniture to match your company colours. This ensures that you can get the furniture you need in the exact colour you want, rather than hoping that a supplier has enough items of your colour in stock. Having matching office furniture will ensure that you have visual consistency across the business and creates an aesthetically pleasing and professional look. Our team can deliver this for you through our professional upcycling services, giving you the satisfaction that you have also eliminated unnecessary waste.

Recycling materials

Any items that are too damaged or cannot be used as part of the restoration process are disposed of appropriately. At ER Logistics, we are committed to responsible recycling practices. Our team will ensure that all waste materials are reused where possible or recycled to ensure they are not simply winding up in a landfill where they will pollute the surrounding area. You can trust that all parts of any items left with us will be handled with care to ensure that the environment is protected.

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