Our team can support commercial and industrial clients with their logistics projects. We’ve worked at warehouses of all sizes since we were established in 2003 and can help with everything from moving between facilities to installing new equipment. Our professional assistance on these matters takes the hassle out of projects, ensuring that everything proceeds in a straightforward manner. You can rely on ER Logistics to support your logistical requirements, no matter their scale.

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How can we help warehouses?

We offer a wide range of high-quality logistical services, allowing us to support our warehouse clients with many different daily tasks. These can include:

Facility moves

We’ve built up experience with a wide range of different moves, allowing us to handle projects of all sizes. This means that, whether you need to relocate to new premises or you want to have specialist equipment delivered and installed within your warehouse, we can ensure the process is simple and straightforward.

Warehouse clearances

Making the most of the space within your warehouse is vital for the efficiency and profitability of your business. For this reason, clearing away any unwanted or unnecessary equipment can allow you to reconfigure your space to suit your requirements. We can facilitate this, ensuring that your daily output isn’t compromised during the clearance process.

In-house porters

Having access to an in-house specialist provides the peace of mind that your ongoing requirements will be in expert hands. We can provide a porter to work on behalf of your facilities manager, overseeing internal moves, installing equipment, and ensuring that any storage or recycling needs are met in full.

Moving equipment

As your processes evolve over time, new equipment and machinery may be needed within your warehouse. We can ensure that this equipment is swiftly moved into place and is installed professionally, making sure that it is ready for use by your staff. Our efficient, meticulous approach ensures that disruption is avoided during the move.

Storing furniture and equipment

If there is unwanted equipment within your warehouse, we have secure facilities where this can be stored. This can be on a long-term basis whilst you decide on the future of these items, or on a short-term basis if they simply need to be kept out of the way during renovation works. No matter the amount of storage you need, we’ll be able to help.


If you need to free up space, archiving any records that don’t need to be accessed on a regular basis is a sensible choice. These can include employee records, financial statements, or compliance paperwork that needs to be retained safely and securely. No matter the nature of these items, we will log and store them professionally, ensuring they remain confidential.

Flexible working hours

Having worked with businesses across an extensive range of industries, we understand the importance of avoiding disruption. We are prepared to adapt to your routines or work out of hours so that your staff aren’t impacted by our work. This guarantees that seeking out our expertise doesn’t have an unwanted impact on the running of your business.

Who else can benefit
from our services?

As a team, we can easily adapt to sudden changes in requirements. This makes our services extremely versatile and allows us to lend our support across a wide range of industries. No matter the nature of the project we are working on, we understand the importance of avoiding disruption for our clients. Our ability to ensure that projects run smoothly has made us a popular choice across a number of high-profile and sensitive sectors. As well as warehouses and commercial environments, these include:

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Speak to a member of our team to see how our services can be of use at your warehouse. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a consultation. Just call 0208 665 0660 or email info@er-logistics.com to get started.