IT relocation services

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Here at ER Logistics, we can transport IT equipment from A to B safely and securely. We will take the pressure off your shoulders, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about packing everything up. Our team have extensive experience with these infrastructure projects. So, whether we’re carefully dismantling rows of IT equipment, packaging monitors for travel, or managing the placement of cables, you can have full faith that everything is in expert hands. With decades of experience to draw on, we can prepare your IT equipment for its move, ensure that it remains safe in transit, and install it efficiently within your new premises.

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Computer relocation services

Computers are an important part of every office, which means they are a vital consideration during any office move. We have been moving computers for more than two decades, so we know what it takes to transport them between premises in an efficient manner. PCs are expensive, business-critical pieces of equipment, and our team understand how important it is that they arrive at your new office in the same condition that they left your existing one. We take the utmost care during the process of packaging your equipment, before carefully transporting it to its new home. Our team has proven time and time again since 2003 that they can be counted on to relocate computers without any risk. So, why wouldn’t you trust the experts?

Server moving

Servers and other items of IT infrastructure are critical pieces of equipment for businesses of all sizes. After all, these provide access to additional storage space, company intranet, and applications that are used on a daily basis. Transporting servers to a new location is a specialised task and our team have the skills to manage the entire process. We can provide bespoke crates to package these items safely and securely for transit, ensuring there is no risk of damage occurring. We make the server moving process simple and straightforward, allowing you to rest assured that this important element of your office move is being handled by professionals.

IT equipment moving services

Our high-quality equipment moving services will make your office move straightforward. We will ensure that every item is organised and tracked accurately so that we can set your new office up efficiently and allow you to get back to work as quickly as possible. We use labels and colour coding so that we always know where everything is, ensuring that the moving process is as seamless as possible. We have the necessary packaging equipment, such as protective bubble bags, to transport all your items safely and securely.

What sets us apart
from other IT relocation companies?

It can be difficult to decide who to trust with your IT equipment when the time comes to move to a new office. There are several companies who offer this service, but there are very few who have a track record as impressive as ER Logistics. Our personal approach combined with the consistency of our results makes us the obvious choice for anyone needing to relocate IT equipment. We care about our clients, which is why we always work hard to establish a full understanding of their requirements. This lets us deliver a perfectly tailored service that meets them in full.

What other services
can we offer?

Our IT moves and changes service is highly efficient and reliable. However, we aren’t limited to only helping in this area. Take a look at the other high-quality services that we offer to see how we can minimise disruption throughout your office move. Some the services that often go hand in hand with IT relocation include:

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If you need to relocate IT equipment between premises, look no further than ER Logistics. We will transport all your monitors, computers, and cables safely and efficiently. Give us a call on 0208 665 0660 or email to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.