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Here at ER Logistics, we can oversee projects such as office moves, furniture installations, and IT equipment changes. We can use our expertise to make sure that these projects proceed smoothly and with minimal disruption. If you require the services of a project manager, we can arrange for one of our experts to come and manage your office move or project from start to finish. Receiving support from ER Logistics, a company that has facilitated office moves for more than 20 years, means you can rest assured that everything will be accounted for during the process.

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How can we assist you?

Pre-move planning

We can develop a detailed timeline of the office move process, including a review of any new or modified furniture, equipment, and technology needs.

Transporting equipment

We can disconnect, transport, and reconnect technology at the old and new office locations. Our team will ensure all components are properly labelled and ready for transport.

Labelling and signage

We can design and produce labelled signage for your new office, identifying and signposting areas of the business.

Packing and moving

We can supervise, organise, and delegate the tasks involved in packing, shipping, and offloading business assets to the new office.

Unpacking and reassembly

We can unpack, reassemble, organise, and reconfigure furniture, equipment, and technology in the new office.

Maintenance and clean-up

We can ensure that all areas of the new office are clean and well-maintained, including the temporary storage areas.

Post-move assistance

We can provide post-move assistance, including any modifications to furniture, equipment, or technology that are required for operations.


We can create plans to effectively communicate information about the office move to customers, employees, vendors, and stakeholders.

Expert project management

Our comprehensive deliverables service can cover any aspect of the office moving process. This includes attending planning meetings to discuss logistics and plan out a suitable time frame for the move. By drawing on our experience in the industry, we’ll ensure that everyone is fully briefed on the ins and outs of your office move. The service we provide will ensure that everything runs smoothly, things are disposed of correctly, and the right team are assembled to carry out the job.

A versatile network

We have connections to experts in every industry, so you can trust us to find the ideal staff to carry out each aspect of your office relocation or logistics project efficiently. Whether you need an IT specialist to make sure the computers are installed professionally or a carpet fitter to guarantee your floor suits the décor of the workspace, we can secure the services of top-quality tradesmen who are passionate about their craft.

Precise organisational skills

One of the main benefits of our deliverables service is the fact that every step of your office move will be meticulously planned out. We leave nothing to chance, always working hard to ensure that everyone involved in the project is updated regularly and knows exactly what is required of them. The project managers within our extensive network are highly professional and are excellent communicators, meaning they will be able to issue clear instructions and make the moving process seamless.

What other services
can we offer?

The logistics expertise within our team and wider network allows us to assist client with projects of all sizes, managing the process from start to finish. The planning and support that we provide ensure that these projects don’t impact on the day-to-day running of your business, allowing your employees to continue focusing on their responsibilities without being disrupted. Some of the office move services that go hand in hand with deliverables include:

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If you need a project manager to ensure that your office move is entirely straightforward, look no further than ER Logistics. Our experts know what is required in order for an office move to run smoothly. Every aspect of your move will be carefully planned out, leaving you to look forward to enjoying your new workspace. Give us a call on 0208 665 0660 or email to discuss your requirements in detail.