Here at ER Logistics, our services benefit hospitals in a number of ways. We have worked in hospitals many times since we started in 2003, so we know how to work effectively in this setting without getting in the way or causing any disruption. You can trust our team members to be respectful and professional throughout any process within a hospital, working hard to deliver a service that exceeds expectations.

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How can we help hospitals?

We offer a range of different services that are ideal for hospitals. From storing equipment to transporting machinery, our work in hospitals is of the highest standard.

Facility moves

Our team regularly help our clients to move and relocate, including at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We can move furniture and heavy equipment efficiently, avoiding disruption as you move into a new space. This ensures that your staff and patients aren’t unnecessarily impacted by the process and can settle into their new facilities as quickly as possible.

Hospital clearances

Items that have reached the end of their usable life can easily be cleared by our team. Whether you wish to invest in a clearance alongside an office move or you prefer to carry this out separately, freeing up space within your hospital will allow you to use your premises much more effectively. We’re happy to take on clearance projects of all sizes.


Our staff can work alongside the hospital facilities manager, assisting them in any way they can. Our team members are calm and collected, excellent at listening to instructions and delivering a high-quality service. Nothing is too much for our team, so you can count on them to complete any job that you require them to.

Moving machinery

If you need machines transported to a hospital, you can rely on us to relocate the equipment safely and efficiently. In the past, we have been trusted to move several MRI scanners to different hospitals around the United Kingdom. We can also arrange for the machines to be installed in the hospital, taking every necessary precaution and safety regulation into account.

Storing equipment

Our storage units can temporarily hold any hospital equipment, perhaps during the renovation of a ward or whilst a theatre is being deep cleaned. No matter what needs to be stored, we will have the facilities to accommodate it. The storage space that we provide is extremely secure, always being monitored by CCTV cameras.


If you have patient records that need to be archived, we are the ideal company for the job. Our archiving service is meticulous, ensuring that there is no risk of any mistakes being made. We have archived many important documents during our time in the industry which serves as proof that we can be relied on.

Flexible working hours

Our team will adapt to your routine, adjusting their approach so that staff and patients aren’t disrupted. This can include working out of hours when required. We understand how to meet your requirements effectively, providing the high-quality, professional services that you deserve.

Who else can benefit
from our services?

Our versatile services are highly effective, and our team are able to help in a range of different ways. We understand the importance of avoiding disruption to hospitals and their staff, which is why we are so proud to provide services that can help things run smoothly. The adaptability of our staff means that they can react to any sudden changes, so you can count on them to work efficiently in a hospital or any other professional environment. Some of the other industries we regularly assist include:

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If you require our services, perhaps to archive medical documents or transport valuable equipment, make sure to get in touch. Give us a call on 0208 665 0660 or email and we will be happy to arrange a consultation at your hospital.