Commercial services

Here at ER Logistics, we are specialists when it comes to providing high-quality commercial services. Our network of team members is highly experienced, as we have worked in many corporate environments during more than two decades in the industry. This allows us to adapt effectively to any requirements and to support clients across a variety of sectors.

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Call us on 0208 665 0660 or email us at to discuss our commercial services in further detail. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form.


Commercial office moves

If you need your commercial office move to be handled by professionals, you can rely on our expert team to have the skills you require. Our team have perfected their process for carrying out office moves in commercial settings, meaning they will complete your project efficiently and deliver a result that exceeds expectations. We provide comprehensive office moves, taking charge of the entire process, prioritising your requirements, and transporting everything that you want to be moved safely and securely. Having completed countless office moves during our time, we have seen everything that there is to see in the industry. You can trust us to determine the best outcome for your individual office move and make it a reality.

Commercial storage space

We can provide storage space for any commercial purposes, anywhere in the United Kingdom. Whether you need us to store office furniture whilst you redecorate your workspace or you want somewhere safe to archive important documents, our secure storage units are ideal for any commercial company.

Sectors we work with

Our network of team members is adept at working within any commercial environment, having gained experience in a range of different settings over the years. We have provided our services in offices, schools, and hospitals, as well as other commercial settings. The professionalism and efficiency that we take into every project makes us the best company to trust with work in any commercial building. From installing furniture in a university common room to transporting heavy items from a warehouse, we can complete any commercial job that is required of us. Some of the sectors that we have worked with on a consistent basis include:

Flexible working hours

We understand the demands that are placed on businesses and know how to ensure that our services don’t disrupt day-to-day operations. Having worked in the industry since 2003, we will draw on this experience to adjust our approach and accommodate your routine. As part of our flexible approach to working hours, we’ll be happy to work out of hours to ensure that your project doesn’t have an unnecessary impact on your staff.

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If you require one of our commercial services, make sure to contact our team. We will take all your preferences into account and will deliver a service that meets your requirements in full. To arrange a consultation, call us on 0208 665 0660 or email and we will get back to you soon.