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Office Clearance Birmingham ER Logistics

Expert office clearances in Birmingham

If you’re planning an office clearance in Birmingham, the team at ER Logistics has the expertise to take the stress out of the process. We’ll remove any unwanted items or equipment, taking them away to be repurposed or recycled. We aim to be as sustainable as possible, making sure that items are given a new lease of life rather than sent to landfill. Having more than 20 years’ experience within our team has prepared us to take on clearance projects of all sizes, guaranteeing a stress-free process. We’ve also built up a robust network that we can call on for specialist assistance where necessary.

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Office Clearance Birmingham ER Logistics

Professional office clearance services in Birmingham

Our team aims to take the stress out of your office clearance, handling the process on your behalf from start to finish. We’ll approach the project with meticulous care and will make sure that your office is left in pristine condition. We can help by removing any unwanted items, from bulky furniture and IT equipment to office supplies and paperwork. As a result, you can expect all your requirements to be met when you choose ER Logistics. The members of our team and the network that we work with are determined to deliver the thorough results that you deserve. We’ll leave the office space ready for the next occupant.

How do we dispose of items?

Different items have different disposal requirements. However, across the board, we are determined to minimise the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. Our team will ensure that items are removed safely, quickly, and responsibly by following the local authority guidelines. Then, depending on the item in question and its condition, we will ensure it is repurposed or recycled.

Recycling and upcycling

We can restore and upcycle unwanted items from your office, allowing them to find a home elsewhere. This prevents them from being needlessly discarded and ensures that they continue to be put to good use. If the condition of the items is particularly poor, restoration may not be a feasible approach. In this case we will break them down and ensure that the materials which can be recycled are.

IT destruction

IT equipment is a mainstay of any office environment and, due to its size and ongoing technological developments, is a frequent target for disposal during clearances. We can take care of any unwanted items, including computers, office photocopiers, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. Our team will ensure that any company data is securely destroyed and will send the equipment away to be recycled.

Links to West Africa

We have partnerships with businesses in West Africa that we can send office equipment to. This arrangement allows us to support these businesses as they grow and ensures that perfectly good items can remain in use. Acting in a sustainable manner like this is the ideal way to prevent items from being viewed as disposable and resources from being needlessly consumed.

Why are we different from
other office clearance companies in Birmingham?

We understand that clearing your office isn’t an everyday experience. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry we’ll ensure that stress is kept to a minimum, handling the entire process from start to finish. You can rely on us to identify potential challenges and to ensure that these are avoided. Our team have worked within a wide range of commercial settings and have developed the skills to adjust their approach accordingly. We’ll provide a reliable, personal service that reflects your office clearance requirements and meets these in full.

What other services can we offer?

We’re prepared to support all our clients with their other office requirements. Many of them return to us to avail themselves of our other services, and this is something that we’re extremely proud of. After your office clearance is successfully completed we’ll be happy to help you further through additional services like:

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